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Renee Jin
Whole Body Detox*

After the Whole Body Detox, I feel a good deal better. My sleep quickly improved, weight loss occurred (10 pounds lost!). My energy level has been boosted, especially in the mornings and I am no longer dependent on coffee. My focus has improved as well.

Whole Body Detox*

I feel a lot better. I have a great energy level, more focus at work, better skin and I lost 10 pounds! I don’t feel tired all the time like before and I’m in a better mood. I was not hungry at any stage of the detox.

Roxana Negrut
Whole Body Detox*

“My life is starting now” is the feeling I had a few weeks after starting the treatment that Dr. Sharon Gurm had prescribed and a few days into the 28 day detox program: my energy is back, I can function normally at home and at work (stress and exhaustion used to be the norm), I am clear headed and tackle stressful situations in a calmer manner, I see what my body is allergic or sensitive to and I am more in tune with what my body needs. It is a fantastic feeling! Thank you, Dr. Sharon Gurm and the staff at the clinic!

Whole Body Detox Program for Weight Loss

I absolutely feel better in many ways. Energy levels are through the roof, I don’t get acid reflux nearly as much. I’ve lost 30 pounds since beginning the Whole Body Detox Program. No real headaches anymore. I no longer feel the need for a nap! I also loved learning about different foods and what they did to my system and how to better feed my body for optimal performance.” » Read more…

Jacaranda Kruckewitt
Whole Body Detox Program for Peak Athletic Performance*

“At about day 21 of the 28 day whole-body detox I started to notice a few major changes. One morning I woke up my eyes felt like they open wider. I looked in the mirror and skin was smooth and clear. Also at this time I was adding foods back to into my diet. I found out right away that most grains caused bloating and digestive issues, that dairy gives me acne, that wheat makes my muscles feel sluggish and that coffee actually makes me feel more tired.” » Read more…

Luke Pretty
Whole Body Detox Program for Energy & Male General Health*

“What I most appreciated about my treatment with Dr. Gurm was the time taken in getting to know who I am and what life factors were directly impacting my health. Thoughtful testing and a comprehensive plan was put into action for my immediate needs and a general health snap shot was put on record. » Read more…

General Health & Digestion*

I went to see Dr. Gurm because my digestive system was so out of whack that I didn’t even know what to avoid anymore to prevent extreme bloating and stomach pain that lasted for days. After years of dealing with this problem it was getting progressively worse and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it or what to do for the symptoms. After less than 3 months in Dr. Gurm’s care, I was feeling great! What a joy to have my body working the way it should!! That was a couple months ago (still feeling great!), and I will be going for a follow up visit because I have the utmost respect for this knowledgeable and caring lady. It is an added bonus that the office staff are just lovely, too.

Julia Budd (Gibson) – Professional MMA Athlete
Peak Athletic Performance*

“As a professional athlete I am always looking for ways to improve my energy and health so that I can be the best athlete I can be. As soon as I started working with Dr. Gurm she dialled into me in ways no doctor has ever helped me and had me feeling and performing at 100%.”

Migraines & General Male Health*

“Dr. Gurm and Team, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! It’s been 1 week of my new dairy-free, egg-free diet, but I already feel amazing. So much mental Clarity, MUCH more energy and no migraines. Thank you so much for helping me out! I’ll definitely be recommending your services to everyone I know.”

Jeanne Gilbert
General Health*

“It is without hesitation, that I highly recommend Port Moody Health to anyone who is willing to listen. I commend you and your staff on a job well done and would be more than happy to speak to anyone who should request a referral.”

Pediatric Care

“Dr. Gurm is very knowledgeable and helpful with treating my child who is 8. The staff is also very caring, helpful and understanding.”

Leah Chahwan
General Health & Digestion*

“Dr. Gurm and her staff were really great. Dr. Gurm was able to answer questions MD doctors couldn’t. I had been feeling really sick and no doctors could tell me why. All they would do is give me more antibiotics which contributed to the problem. After 3 months under Dr. Gurm’s care, I am feeling like my old self! I greatly appreciate the help and all the patience during the process. They were amazing and I will continue to see Dr. Gurm in the future. I highly recommend her.”

General Health*

“Always very friendly and attentive. Dr. Gurm is very considerate, caring and always correct with all the substances given for my ailments. Great experience and I am glad I have found this clinic!”

Service of PMH*

“You won’t believe what a pleasant experience it was to call the office and have my call taken care of efficiently, quickly and with a very professional attitude. I liked the sound of the caring coming through your receptionist’s voice! Just hearing her voice put me at ease. It is so important to be greeted and dealt with in such a lovely tone of voice. That first contact with your office is so important! It sets the tone of what to expect. The front line is what represents you, Dr. Gurm. The voice, the appearance, courtesy and caring of your staff is one of the most important things of your business. Your receptionist fits perfectly as the front line person. I truly look forward to calling and speaking with her. I can be so annoying and bothersome at times, but she has always been pleasant with me no matter what. Excellent representation!”

Karen & Marion
Family Health*

“When I look back on 2011 I remember how much you helped my mother and I through such a challenging time. Your generosity, medical expertise and friendship was so much appreciated. I am filled with gratitude for finding you as my ND, holding me like an angel with your wings… We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! “

Eye Health & Disease Prevention*

“I feel so good since I started coming here!! The care with Dr. Gurm and staff has been life changing! I always feel so cared for every time I walk in the door. I truly feel this healing experience has saved my vision and prevented years of chronic illness. I am so thankful!”

Anna Repole
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities*

“Dr. Gurm, let me begin by saying how fortunate I am that I found you. Let me tell you why I’m so fortunate. Well for the last 22 years I have suffered immensely with my health. I have more health issues to deal with than your average person. During all these years I have been to see countless doctors, specialists, allergists, chemists, hypnotists, psychologists, acupuncturists (by the way, you’re the best at acupuncture and I can attest to it because I’ve had way too many people poke me and you are by far the most gentlest) and of course I’ve also seen half a dozen naturopaths. » Read more…

Ron Gibson
Kidney Cancer Thriver*

“My name is Ron Gibson and I have been a patient of Dr Sharon Gurm since June of 2013. I was referred to Port Moody Health by my son and his wife. My battle with cancer resurfaced in December 2012. Since I have been under her care she has also guided me in the right direction for additional caregivers who work hand in hand with her and I, to contribute to my improving health and a better understanding of what options are available to me. My health has drastically improved and I want to thank Dr Gurm and her wonderful staff for their continued support in my journey. I would definitely recommend Dr Gurm’s clinic to anyone with health issues.”

Breast Cancer Thriver*

“Dr. Gurm is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor especially on the topic of cancer. She greatly helped me through my year of breast cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatments offering me lots of advice, information and a referral to another specialist to administer specialized treatment during radiation therapy to improve my results. Dr. Gurm has very high integrity to all advice she offers giving options and back up reading material and answering all questions I asked. Thank you Dr. Gurm. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity”

Rita Lefebvre
Breast Cancer Thriver*

“Late last October, not quite a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found a lump during self-examination which felt like a fibroadenoma—even to my family doctor—and was in the exact same spot as the fibroadenoma I’d had removed 26 years earlier. Biopsy would determine that it was malignant. Breast cancer was not on my radar—nobody in my family had had breast cancer and I have three sisters and a dozen female cousins—and so I was shocked by my diagnosis. » Read more…

Carole Harmon
Breast Cancer Thriver*

“I first saw Dr. Gurm in May 2010. I found Port Moody Health on the internet. I knew what I was looking for in a practitioner. It has been a year and a half that I have been going to Dr. Gurm. I live in Vancouver. Dr. Gurm was an intuitive choice and I have nothing but gratitude and thankfulness for her help. Dr. Gurm specializes in cancer treatment and also collaborates with other healthcare practitioners. So my intuition was correct. I chose the perfect doctor.”

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette ND, FLT(HP), CCC, BScPT, BSc, RCAMT
Thyroid Cancer*

“For years I’ve referred my friends and family to Dr. Sharon Gurm and her wonderful team at PMH clinic. So, when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer I flew up from Dallas,TX to experience the top of the line care myself. From the minute I walked through the door I could feel the incredible healing energy oozing from the clinic. Dr. Gurm created an individualized and detailed treatment plan and helped me identify the emotional connections to my cancer. The whole person care I received allowed me to achieve balance in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and I can’t thank them enough for that!” “

Maybeth Wallace
Bladder Cancer & Female Hormone Health*

“Dear Dr. Gurm, I would like to submit the following testimonial for Port Moody Health. My way of handling any difficulties I have in my life is by visualizing an end result, knowing with absolute certainty that the result will take place, feeling how it feels to attain the result…and then taking action steps when my intuition shows me the way. In the case of my health, my end result was vibrant health and energy, after having undergone surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my bladder and menopause which left me experiencing undesirable symptoms (dry skin, loss of libido, weight gain).
» Read more…

Malcolm Smith
Male Anti-Aging & Parkinson’s Disease*

“Improvements in my health after three weeks on Dr. Gurm’s Low Glycemic diet – I have more energy and consistent energy level, friends say I look five years younger.  I have stopped napping during the day & go for a run instead, and I have reduced ‘spare tire’ fat roll. My skin is clearer, my systolic blood pressure is 10 points lower. The urgency of urination reduced to 2-3 occasions from 4-5 shrinking of prostate.  My eyesight improved, and I stopped negative thinking.  Greater confidence and more patient (particularly noticeable when driving).  Less brain ‘fog’ and I think my memory is improved, I have a better quality of sleep with much more dreaming and I feel better when I wake up. I think my Parkinson’s disease symptoms have decreased, and I have not needed any reflux medication since I stared this diet.”

Joan Weiten
Chronic Fatigue & Frequent Infections*

“In July 2008, I came to Dr. Gurm, I was 44. I was pale and run down and I was getting desperate. My quality of life was not great and I was concerned about the direction it was heading. I had loved being active my whole life but had no energy for anything more than a walk. My workout was a nap. I had had a severe cold and some type of infection for the past 14 years. Dr. Gurm did very comprehensive testing and found my system was still full of bacteria, fungus and parasites. The mercury levels in my body were off the charts. It was explained to me that bacteria thrive in an environment with toxic heavy metals (due to the acidic pH created by toxins). So no matter what I did in terms of diet or cleansing I would not rid myself of my bugs and my symptoms. » Read more…


“Dear Dr. Gurm, You’re the best doctor anyone could have. Thank you very much for the great care you gave me, when I was sick.”

Chronic Pain & Migraines*

“I am a woman in her 50’s who has suffered with extreme neck and back pain for the past 12 years. Taking pain drugs and other numerous drugs prescribed by a medical doctor did not make the pain subside but only created other medical problems. Determined to find some relief, I took the initiative to look at other avenues. I have always been interested in the natural approach. After visiting Dr. Sharon Gurm three months ago and receiving acupuncture treatments, detox treatments and two neural therapy treatments, I am so relieved to say that I have not felt like this in the past 12 years. I am now pain free, have no migraines and other medical problems have also been addressed. At this time I continue therapy once a week. I have great faith in Dr. Gurm’s natural approach in healing the body. Dr. Gurm and all her staff make you feel like they sincerely care. Now every day I am able to live and enjoy life!”

Digestive Health*

“I went to see Dr. Gurm because my digestive system was so out of whack that I didn’t even know what to avoid anymore to prevent extreme bloating and stomach pain that lasted for days. After years of dealing with this problem it was getting progressively worse and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it or what to do for the symptoms. After less than 3 months in Dr. Gurm’s care, I was feeling great! What a joy to have my body working the way it should!! That was a couple months ago (still feeling great!), and I will be going for a follow up visit because I have the utmost respect for this knowledgeable and caring lady. It is an added bonus that the office staff are just lovely, too.”

Amanda Stajan
Psoriasis & Digestive Issues*

“Through Dr. Gurm’s recommendations for my supplements and my diet, I have lost nearly 30lbs and have been able to basically eliminate my major digestive issues along with my mild psoriasis. I’ve got more energy. I fight off colds better. And most importantly, I’m happy – VERY happy.”

Mental Health & Menopause*

“I have been amazed at how quickly my body has responded to Dr. Gurm’s treatments. In less than 6 weeks I feel new energy & emotional wellbeing that I thought was gone with menopause

Male Mental Health*

“I first visited Dr. Sharon Gurm at the Port Moody Health Clinic on August 17th, 2011. My mental state had been deteriorating over the previous two or three years. I became less and less able to do the normal things like reading, writing, planning or making simple decisions or choices. Panic was becoming more frequent and more debilitating. I had lost all sense of self worth. Suicide was not far from my mind. As soon as I spoke to Dr. Gurm I felt I was in good hands. Dr. Gurm reflects a solid sense of confidence. She truly listens and looks at me in the eyes. She reassured me that she could help me and was open to the fact it was going to take some time, about 6 months. She spent considerable amount of time getting to know me, as a person. » Read more…

Stephen Hendricks
Prolotherapy for Chronic Back & Pelvic Pain*

“Since coming to see Dr. Gurm I have shown vast improvement in my back and hip pain.  Having had dual discectomy/laminectomy surgery on my lumbar spine, and having been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, as well as bi-lateral sacroiliitis – the prolotherapy has worked wonders for my chronic pain. Along with my surgery I have been also been to multiple acupuncturists, spine decompression, and physio therapists with minimal to no change.  The prolotherapy is the only thing that has worked with permanent results. It is not only the therapy aspect that has been a great experience, but also Dr. Gurm’s approach.  She is extremely smart, professional, friendly, and takes genuine interests in your issues and how to correct them.”

Prolotherapy for Frozen Shoulder & Neck Pain*

“Prior to visiting Dr. Gurm I had pinched a nerve in my neck causing me intense pain from my neck into my shoulder, which developed into a frozen shoulder. After several visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist, physiotherapist and acupuncturist. I would have temporary improvement after leaving each appointment but the pain would almost immediately come back; I was beginning to feel that I had a chronic condition in which I would have to learn to live with. After visiting Dr. Gurm, I saw a remarkable improvement after each visit and after only 3 weeks. I now have full mobility in my arm again and the range of motion in my neck is better than it has been in years. I was truly amazed. My energy level is back to where it was and I am back working out at the gym again.”

Lisa Zosiak
Chronic Neck & Back Pain*

“Prolotherapy and neural therapy treatments have significantly improved my chronic upper back and neck problems. From the first treatments, I experienced a greater range of motion when turning my head and with further treatments I found my posture seemed to naturally improve and I could do more activities (such as weight training, jogging, and jump rope) without experiencing the usual pain and discomfort that often accompany them. I highly recommend prolotherapy and neural therapy to anyone who is looking to reduce chronic neck and pain issues.”

Female Hormone Health & Migraines*

“I have been a patient of Dr. Gurm’s for 9 months. After doing research, I chose Dr. Gurm for her expertise in hormonal issues. I have always suffered from migraines due to hormonal changes and when I contacted Dr. Gurm, the migraines were out of control. After only a short period of time, I started feeling better and the intensity and number of migraines significantly decreased. The quality of my life and the level of my energy improved drastically. It was such a great change in my life that people around me noticed the difference. It’s always a great experience at Port Moody Health and their level of customer service is exemplary. I have already recommended Dr. Gurm to friends and family members and will continue to do so.”

Natural Fertility Success*

“Well its official. Little Seraphina Lynne Stajan was born after a long labour on June 23rd, 2013. Dr Gurm, you played such a major role in my little miracle that it is only fitting to send along a big, big thank you. When I first came to your office in January 2012, I was a mess. I’d been told by two separate fertility specialists who not only advised that I would not conceive naturally but that I would require an egg donation in order to even carry a child. To say that I was devastated doesn’t begin to describe the feeling. Not only did they tell me I wouldn’t be accepted as a patient trying IVF with my own eggs, but they said chances were even slim still with a donation. » Read more…

Anti-Aging & General Health*

“Dr. Gurm is an amazing physician whose expertise has made a significant positive difference in my health and well-being.  I first saw Dr. Gurm just over a year ago and I am very thankful that I did.  She truly uses a holistic approach and very quickly zeroed in on how best to resolve my various health complaints.  Dr. Gurm’s caring and compassionate manner always made me feel at ease and the improvements we have made to my health and well-being have led me to trust her abilities and wisdom completely.  I highly recommend Dr. Gurm to anyone who may have specific health issues or just wants to feel healthier, happier, and much younger than their years.”

*Results may vary by individual