Collard greens have a long history dating back to pre-historic times and are considered to be the oldest member of the cabbage family. Collard greens are highly nutritious and have a variety of health benefits – including: reducing the risk of some cancers like breast and ovarian.


  • Sulfur containing they activate the detoxifying enzymes of the liver and help neutralize potentially carcinogenic substances.
  • Promote bone health, rich in calcium, folic acid and vitamin B6.  Reduce levels of homocysteine, which has been associate with hearth health and is damaging to bone structure.
  • Promote Vision Health, high in antioxidants, lutein and Zeaxanthin which help to see in light and dark, reduce the risk of cataracts and age related macular degeneration.
  • Promote Antioxidant Protection, high in vitamins, A, E and C. and manganese and zinc.
  • Other benefits, high in dietary fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins, B1. B2 and B5 for energy, iron for muscle building protein, tryptophan for promoting sleep.
  • Can assist with the transition into menopause.

Great for weight control! 1 cup only is 49 calories!


  • Steam them lightly and wrap anything in them, try quinoa salad with goat feta
  • Cook lightly with onions and garlic and finish with tamari soy sauce.
  • Add into any soup or curry
  • Add into any salad, adds bulk and flavour
  • Steam with baby potatoes, sesame seeds and dulse flakes


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