Breast Cancer Prevention Strategy

Many women equate routine mammography with breast cancer prevention. What most women don’t know, is while mammography can assist in the early detection of breast cancer in some women, by itself mammography is not part of a prevention strategy – it is a screening used to detect a tumor in the breast that may be cancerous or benign (non-cancerous). Research has shown it takes an average of 8-10 years for a cancerous tumor to develop in most women. There are many ways a woman can PREVENT an initial diagnosis of breast cancer. In those who have dealt with breast cancer, there are ways (in addition to hormone blockers) to help prevent a recurrence.

Topics discussed will include:

  • What are the different ways to screen for breast cancer?
  • How do I know what method of screening is best for me?
  • How can advanced digital infrared imaging (thermogram) help me learn about and monitor my breast health?
  • With the rising incidence of breast cancer in young women, is there something that younger women between the ages of 20-40 can be doing to know if they are at risk?
  • Do I need to be concerned if I have cystic or fibrocystic (dense) breasts?
  • Should I be doing self-breast exams?
  • What are the effects of hormone therapies or hormone replacement (i.e. IUD, birth control pill, Premarin, Prometrium, bio-identical hormones) on breast health and cancer risk?

Be proactive with the empowerment that knowledge brings!

Join us on March 12th at 6pm

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