Celsius42 - The latest addition to our arsenal of advanced cancer-fighting medical technology

Celsius42 – The latest addition to our arsenal of advanced cancer-fighting medical technology

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of advanced cancer-fighting medical technology at Port Moody Health: the Celsius42 hyperthermia machine. This state-of-the-art device brings groundbreaking advancements to standard and complementary cancer therapies, offering a more effective overall approach to treatment – without additional toxicity.

Hyperthermia involves the application of sophisticated and focussed heating to cancerous cells, taking advantage of their sensitivity to elevated temperatures. The Celsius42 machine heats tumor tissue by generating an electric field with a frequency specific to cancer cells, producing a targeted, cancer-specific treatment to the local and regional area where the electro-hyperthermia treatment is applied.

Rigorous scientific studies have determined a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius effectively disables cancer cells and deconstructs the tumor microenvironment (TME), thereby weakening cancer cells and the TME. Subsequently, concurrent and/or concomitant cancer therapies including radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and oxidative therapies (such as high-dose ascorbate) can more easily penetrate the tumor barrier and intracellular and extracellular cancer environment. This is commonly referred to as the radiation-sensitizing and chemo-sensitizing effects of medical hyperthermia.

Clinical studies on patients with various solid tumors – such as cancers of the breast, colorectal, anal, pancreatic, lung, brain, sarcoma, hepatocellular, prostate – have demonstrated that combining electro-frequency hyperthermia with radiation and/or cancer-fighting pharmacologic therapies results in a higher proportion of cancer cell destruction, greater tumor regression and less disease progression than control-arm of patients in these studies (i.e. those treated without electro-frequency hyperthermia).

The unique and sophisticated engineering of the Celsius42 allows for tumor-specific selection without causing harm to healthy tissue. Yet the local effects of targeted electro-hyperthermia does have systemic effects beyond the local area of treatment, notably it has been demonstrated to accelerate the body’s biochemical processes, generate a tumor-specific immune response, induce tumor suppressor genes and inhibit cancer-cell DNA repair mechanisms.

The therapy works by employing two non-invasive electrodes to raise the temperature in tumor regions. Electromagnetic waves cause water molecules to vibrate, leading to tissue heating above 40°C. This induced heat stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation within the tumor, enabling better distribution and absorption of cytotoxic agents. As a result, radiation therapy becomes more effective, particularly in cases of poor circulation or hypoxia.

The Celsius42 machine advantages:
Enhanced Precision: Incorporating advanced temperature monitoring and control systems, it ensures precise and uniform heating in targeted treatment areas, optimizing the distribution of heat for maximum effectiveness.
Deep Tissue Penetration: The innovative technology enables the machine to penetrate deep into tissues, reaching challenging-to-access tumor sites. This allows for more comprehensive and targeted treatment in various body regions.
Non-Invasive and Comfortable: Patients experience a safe and comfortable therapy session with the Celsius42 machine. Its external heat delivery eliminates the need for invasive procedures, providing a relaxing experience on the treatment bed.

Celsius42 vs Oncotherm:
Treatment Area Size: The Celsius42 machine is designed for localized hyperthermia treatments, targeting specific areas or tumors, while the Oncotherm machine provides treatment to larger regions, such as an entire limb or body part.
Precision and Depth: The Celsius42 machine excels in precise temperature control and deep tissue penetration, offering a more focused approach. On the other hand, the Oncotherm machine provides broader coverage, more suitable to cancer patients requiring a different treatment approach.

At Port Moody Health Integrative Medicine & Cancer Care, we are continually advancing our innovative approach to cancer treatment. Hyperthermia therapy plays a crucial role in our comprehensive approach to cancer care. By incorporating various modalities, we optimize treatment outcomes for our patients. We are one of the only clinics worldwide to offer both the Celsius42 and Oncotherm local-regional hyperthermia, in addition to other advanced therapies such as photobiomodulation and photodynamic therapy. Our cancer care is tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes. Because cancer doesn’t work in just one way – neither do we.

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