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A medical school graduate from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Davidson completed his residency in Calgary, Alberta where he worked in the emergency room at the Foothills Medical Centre. He moved back to Vancouver in 2010 to work as a physician during the Whistler Olympic Games.

Dr. Davidson is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents. He participates in several clinical research projects and is regularly asked to speak at wellness expos, particularly those that focus on women’s health. He is an iron therapy advocate who has become increasingly well known for his innovative and highly effective solution to a common and easily treatable condition.

As an emergency room physician, Dr. Davidson has had a front-line view of the health care system and the issues both patients and medical professionals face daily. Over the years, he has noticed an increase in visits to the emergency room for IV therapy requests, specifically IV Iron. He found that many people would come to the ER as a last resort because their symptoms had become so severe, they could no longer wait the weeks or months it took to be seen at an outpatient clinic. Dr. Davidson realized that most of these patients could be easily treated with access to timely IV therapy.

Specialists, family doctors, mid-wives, and naturopaths throughout the Vancouver area now routinely refer their patients to him to provide timely and safe IV therapy treatment