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Tracy Marshall Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner


Empowerment Coach and Reiki Master

Tracy holds a B.Sc. Degree in Environmental Health and has worked with the Health Services in both Ireland and Scotland.
In 2011, Tracy was pushed into finding an alternative way to treat a serious back injury following many frustrations with mainstream health care in Ireland. With this challenging and painful experience, Tracy often felt feelings of lack of control, mistrust, lack of hope and all the other feelings that a serious health issue possess.

Tracy was introduced to the energy healing practice of Reiki by Brian McCullen of Solas Healing. Following a few sessions of this energy based healing modality, her pain decreased significantly. Tracy was so impressed and shocked at the reduction of pain that she wanted to learn more about the energy field of the body. She then trained to become a Reiki practitioner and went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher within 3 years. Tracy holds a Diploma in Indian Champissage (a form of head massage) which complements the Reiki treatment and can be beneficial for clients who want a more hands on treatment experience.

In 2015, Tracy resigned from her 12 year Health Service career in Ireland and moved to Canada to pursue holistic healing. She is very passionate about helping people to feel better and appreciate who they really are from the inside out. Tracy helps you to find a new confidence and belief in the innate power of the human body, mind, heart and soul.

Tracy says “In a world where we breathe oxygen, produced by trees, there is no doubting the miracle of life on this earth. We live on a blue planet surrounded by a ball of fire that heats us and a moon that controls our seas. Every day is a miracle. Every human being is a miracle of life. Every day our bodies produce miracles. Let’s focus on the little miracle’s and believe in the power of who you are!”