Emotional Eating – You are not Alone!

We all have a relationship with food, whether healthy or harmful.  Many of us eat for emotional reasons rather than from our body’s hunger cues.  Disordered eating leads to untold damage and unwanted results, affecting the digestive system, physical health, emotional and mental health, self-esteem and relationships.

Join us for a two-evening experiential workshop that will help you to explore your relationship with food and with yourself.  Feel good about being uniquely you, in an atmosphere of safety, support and trust.

“Many weight loss programs focus on eating right, portion control, exercise, etc., which of course is part of it.  This workshop, however, addresses another major aspect which is the emotional side of things – what we do, why, and how to deal with and change this aspect.”     – Dorothy, participant, Spring 2012 

Facilitated by Susan Kinross, Registered Professional Counsellor

Dates for this seminar are January 31st and February 7th from 7:30

Cost:  $75 + hst.   Pre-registration required.  Please call 604-949-0077 and book your spot. Space is limited.

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