Free Info Session 6:30pm Wednesday Jan 28th: Reclaim Your Health With Whole-Body Detox!

You’ve all heard about it, but what does it really mean to ‘detox’? What are the benefits? Are all detox programs the same? Is it safe? Is it effective? What can I expect from a detox?

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Dr. Caroline Coombs (Naturopathic Physician) to answer these questions and more. Learn about our customized Whole-Body Detoxification Program. The medically-supervised detox programs at Port Moody Health have been developed based on scientific research and years of clinical expertise. Meaning, our 28-day detox programs are guaranteed to deliver RESULTS! Expect more energy, better sleep, weight loss, hormone balance, improved digestion, mental clarity and more!

Space is limited – reserve your spot by phone or email and be sure to bring a friend!

Phone: (604) 949-0077

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