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Complementary cancer therapies, such as those administered by naturopathic physicians who specialize in oncology (cancer care), are being utilized more and more by North Americans in the fight of their life. Used alone or in conjunction with conventional therapies, evidence-based complementary therapies for cancer treatment have been demonstrated to increase survival time, reduce adverse effects of conventional therapies (such as chemotherapy and radiation), enhance effectiveness of conventional therapies, improve quality and duration of life, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and improve overall outcomes. Collectively, the marriage of conventional and complementary therapies is known as “integrative medicine” and in the case of cancer treatment, “integrative oncology”. Although there are numerous studies demonstrating the effectiveness of some highly effective integrative therapies (to name a few: melatonin, vitamin D, curcumin, green tea, oxygen/ozone therapies, intravenous vitamin C, mistletoe – alone and in conjunction with conventional therapies), there is a need for greater emphasis on integrative oncology research. Funding is the rate limiting step – natural substances cannot be “patented” and no large pharmaceutical company is going to run to fund studies and research where billions of dollars in profit are not part of the equation.