Lacking motivation? Could your gut health be to blame?

Lacking motivation? Could your gut health be to blame?

A recent study carried out by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that mice given a broad-spectrum antibiotic to kill off their gut bacteria decreased their running performance by approximately half. However, once the mice were taken off the antibiotics, the mice mostly regained their previous performance ability.

The research was carried out using a machine-learning algorithm which looked for biological traits and could identify the differences between why some mice seemed to love running on their exercise wheel, while other mice mainly ignored it.

A number of other studies have been carried out which back up the science to show that thriving gut microbiomes have been linked with optimal muscle function in mice.

What does this research show?

The research shows that a thriving gut microbiome may help to regulate the desire to exercise rather than it being related to genetics.

Feeling like a couch potato?

Are you someone who has the burning desire to get up and move their body, or do you feel like you’re stuck in molasses most of the time? Your gut microbiome could be the problem.

Once the researchers made the correlation between energy levels and gut microbiome they sequenced RNA in the rodents’ striatum (the part of the brain responsible for motivation) and found that the brain cells dopamine receptors were getting less of a dopamine burst after exercise in those mice treated with antibiotics

Can Port Moody Health help me?

Absolutely, Port Moody Health is able to carry out a number of tests, which can assess your gut microbiome and from there we are able to create a personalized treatment plan to get your gut health back on track and boost your energy levels.

Resource: Medscape

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