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Environmental toxicants such as dioxins, PCB’s and pesticides can pose a risk for cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes). The study was conducted by Swedish researchers and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives (October, 2011). The study is the first to demonstrate a link between atheroscleroisis (fatty plaque formation in the arteries which leads to cardiovascular disease) and levels of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) – i.e. long-lived and hard to breakdown environmental toxicants – in the blood.

The full study is available here.

Previous studies have also reported possible links between cardiovascular disease and PCB’s, dioxins and pesticides. Because these compounds are fat-soluble, they can be stored in the body and accumulate with time. The new study indicates that these toxins can specifically accumulate in the vessel walls and contribute to arterial plaque formation.

Common sources of these compounds include: plastics, fish and seafood (especially farmed fish), processed foods, non-organic and GM (Genetically Modified) produce, tap water and many cosmetic/beauty/hair products. In Sweden, and in many countries of the world, most of these substances are now forbidden, but (like heavy metals such as lead) since they are so long-lived they are persistent and ubiquitous in the environment. The older we get, the higher the levels become.

We offer the GPL-Tox test – a urine test that is used to detect the presence of these chemicals in our body.

The first step is to avoid exposure to these chemicals as much as possible. Secondly, take on a whole-food diet approach and eat a good and generous variety of organic vegetables, which contain anti-oxidants that assist the body in eliminating toxic substances. Incorporate lots of organic garlic, onions and cilantro in your diet as these compounds are natural “chelators” (binders) of heavy metals and toxins. I also recommend taking a high quality chlorella supplement daily to help bind and eliminate toxins – my preference is the chlorella manufactured by BioPure (available at our clinic) which is energetically enhanced and carefully cultivated and prepared to be free of contaminants and deliver a high yield of bioactive chlorella. Lastly, a targeted and individualized detoxification program twice per year can effectively mobilize and eliminate toxins we all store in our fatty (adipose) tissue as a result of direct or inadvertent exposure.

In cases where individuals have or carry a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, EDTA chelation therapy should be a therapeutic consideration. Intravenous chelation therapy binds heavy metals, toxins and other compounds that make up an arterial plaque, thereby assisting in the reversal of chronic arterial disease. For more information on detoxification programs or EDTA chelation therapy offered at Port Moody Health, call us at (604) 949-0077.

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