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Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile

Each year, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is associated with more deaths than all cancers—and more deaths in women than breast cancer. Unfortunately, diagnosis is typically made in the advanced stages of the disease, after it has progressed for decades. Even though CVD appears to involve a strong familial component, early detection and reduction of risk factors are exceedingly important.

The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile provides assessment of 17 primary and secondary risk factors, including biomarkers of abnormal lipoprotein metabolism, inflammation, coagulation (degree of blood clotting or adhesiveness), glomerular filtration (kidney function) and blood sugar balance, as well as the status of magnesium, iron and key antioxidants.

The test requires only a single overnight fasting blood draw. Results are presented in a clear, comprehensible report detailing target ranges and graphically illustrating areas of elevated risk.

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