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At Port Moody Health, we offer a variety of programs to address specific health needs. Our unique health programs follow a set of guidelines and practices we have developed over the years to deliver consistent results for patients with specific health goals.

Health Programs


Port Moody Health is proud to offer our whole body medical detox programs, perfected over the years by our expert physicians and supported by clinical results and lab analyses. Every supplemental formula has been carefully chosen, backed by scientific and clinical research, to ensure the highest standard of purity, efficacy and quality ingredients. Evidence-based supportive therapies are integrated with dietary and nutritional interventions to deliver safe, efficient and comprehensive whole-body detoxification.

Health Programs


Feeling tired? Run down? Low mood? Not enough drive or stamina to get the gym? Give us 6 weeks and we’ll have you feeling energetic, alert, focused and motivated to keep you going and aligned on the path to a healthier you

Health Programs


The lifetime risk of cancer for Canadians is 1 in 3. The best way to win the war on cancer is PREVENTION. Our Naturopathic Physicians are experts in disease prevention, particularly when it comes to cancer. At Port Moody Health, your personalized cancer prevention program begins with a comprehensive health and cancer risk assessment. Based on the findings, you will receive recommendations for early detection using standard screening tests, advanced screening methods and – if indicated – other tests for monitoring purposes. Your personalized cancer prevention program will provide recommendations for specific dietary, nutritional and lifestyle guidelines.