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Medical Detox Programs

Medical Detox Programs

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Port Moody Health is proud to offer our whole body medical detox programs, perfected over the years by our expert physicians and supported by clinical results and lab analyses. Every supplemental formula has been carefully chosen, backed by scientific and clinical research, to ensure the highest standard of purity, efficacy and quality ingredients. Evidence-based supportive therapies are integrated with dietary and nutritional interventions to deliver safe, efficient and comprehensive whole-body detoxification.

The concept of detoxification is to support the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, chemicals that generate harmful byproducts in the body known as free radicals. Free radicals have the potential to damage our cells from our brain cells to the cells that comprise our reproductive glands. Science has established that over time, free radicals are what eventually damage entire tissue and organs – leading to organ and structural dysfunction, aging and disease.

Our body – in fact, every cell in our body has built-in mechanisms to manage toxins, using sophisticated biochemical pathways to process toxins and quench or neutralize free radicals. The byproducts are then carried through our blood vessels, deposited into our lymphatic vessels and delivered to the liver. In the liver, toxic byproducts undergo further processing and are subsequently eliminated through our bowels, urine, lungs and skin (sweat).

Just like the functioning of your vehicle is determined by critical elements like fuel, clean oil and a good filter to run efficiently without damaging the engine and parts, it is a scientific fact that your body’s detoxification pathways require specific nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and antioxidants to work properly.

When our cells are faced with a deficiency of any of these critical nutrients, or if the pathways become overwhelmed by with too many toxins and free radicals, the ability to detoxify is compromised and damaging effects ensue. Eventually the damage manifests physically in a multitude of ways, depending on which systems have been affected. It may begin with symptoms such as inflammation, fatigue, reduced metabolic function, slow recovery from injury, allergies, digestive issues, chemical sensitivities, lowered immunity and hormone imbalance. If left unaddressed, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and autoimmune conditions ensue.


In our modern world, toxins from the environment come from a variety of sources and are found in our food, water, air and products like plastics. Pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, solvents, dioxins, BPA, heavy metals and various other chemical agents are ubiquitous in our environment and some people will have more exposure than others depending on their area of residence, dietary patterns, occupation and lifestyle habits.

In some cases, there are internal sources of toxicity – such as those who presently have or previously had mercury (silver) dental amalgams, individuals who smoke or had a history of smoking and those who have been exposed to certain medical interventions (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs and excess ionizing radiation from x-rays, CT scans, or radiotherapy).

Heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium are among the most harmful of all toxins and science has confirmed their potential as endocrine (hormone) disruptors and carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

Anyone who has received standard cancer care involving radiation therapy or chemotherapy knows first hand the damaging effects on healthy cells. Without re-establishing the internal state of balance, the damaging toxins and free radicals can later contribute to a recurrence of cancer or other forms of disease – such as lung or heart disease (especially when radiation therapy is delivered to the chest).


Absolutely! Even healthy individuals need to detoxify! Think about it: if you want a high performance vehicle to perform optimally, you chose the cleanest fuel and highest quality motor oil. You take it in to be serviced regularly. You treat it well. If you want your body to perform like a high-performance vehicle, it needs the same attention and servicing.But even if you use a high-grade fuel and motor oil, what good does it do if you don’t have the filters changed on a regular basis? The main filters in our body are the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. Food represents the oil and fuel we feed our systems. Even if you eat well, the filters need to be tended to. Otherwise, are you really getting the maximum value and performance you seek from all that high-grade fuel and oil?

Engaging in intermittent detoxification keeps your body’s systems working efficiently, slowing the process of aging and ensuring your body achieves optimal performance!

Drivers, start your engines….


All of our structured detox programs incorporate specific dietary guidelines and nutritional support.

A 10-day simple detox program to re-boot your health, perfect for a beginner new to healthy diet changes

A 28-day intense detox program designed to mobilize toxins from deeper tissue stores to optimize immune, digestive and hormone health

A long-term treatment plan aimed at treating and preventing chronic disease in individuals of a certain age with a history of toxic heavy metal exposure. Chelation therapy is a targeted treatment for heavy metal elimination, metabolic restoration and for reversing damage to cardiovascular and brain health.

For more information on our medically supervised detox programs, or to get started on your path to BEST health, call to speak to a care coordinator at (604) 949-0077.