Spring Challenge: Awaken & Unleash The Vitality Within

Best Health Series – The ReNew You Challenge

Spring signifies the dawn of a new day, the springing forward of life with vigour and vitality. Let this be a period of self-discovery through the process of purging, cleansing and restoration on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

This is a time to reflect on the deeper aspects your life and identify what truly matters to you. Use the vibrant energy of Spring to awaken and unleash your own inner vitality as you embark on this journey of transformation and self-discovery!

What Matters & Why

How many of you engage in active self reflection and introspection on a daily basis? By turning inward, we come to find what truly matters to us. In truth, we all seek the same things: Perfect Health, Happiness, Love, Abundance.

These are essential to a fulfilling, boundless and gratifying life. When we cultivate a life that meets these four essential needs, we are complete. Ask yourself, of these 4 life essentials, which are you seeking and which are you living?

Often, if we lack one of the essentials, we lack others because they are interdependent. We cannot deny good physical health to be a critical element for happiness. Ill-health has the ability to shift a positive outlook to a negative one, take life’s enjoyable moments and make them overwhelming and can even turn a circumstance of opportunity into one that brings you grief.

If you relate to this, commit to the Spring challenge – awaken and unleash your inner vitality and start enjoying the many gifts that come with perfect health!

Many of us are plagued daily by self deprecating thoughts, limiting beliefs, inadequacies and so on. How would you like to see your life different? What goals can you set out for yourself to change the way you live in your life – and the way your life makes you live?

A Path Towards Self Discovery

We all have our methods of coping or dealing with life and its many stressors. Here’s a thought: when you are you coping or dealing with something, are you embracing the experience or are you simply compartmentalizing, trying to just ‘get through it’?

Do you allow yourself to be part of the experience, to feel or do you try to distract as a way to cope? The differences are subtle but critical. Distractions do just that, they ‘distract’ us from being in the moment, causing us to push away that feeling or emotion we do not feel comfortable with.

Negative feelings or emotions carry important messages and have their rightful place. Are you able to welcome that uncomfortable or negative emotion into your life without any judgement?

A well known method of coping and introspection is through a meditation practice. Just to clarify, meditation does not necessarily possess religious connotations. Rather, it is a process of gently focusing the mind and body without judging the experience of thoughts, emotions or physical sensations.

It is a process that creates greater self awareness allowing us to take a step back from our hectic lives, giving us the opportunity to discover more about ourselves. It is in itself, a method of purging, cleansing, clarification and transformation.

Taking action

In our 4th challenge of the Best Health Series, we’re taking a multi-level approach that centers around emotional and physical detoxification so you can create a clearer path to connect with your inner self – your higher self. We decided to set the duration of this challenge for 2 months (instead of 21 days) since it requires a bit more effort and dedication.

Are you ready to join us? Let us help awaken and unleash the vitality within YOU!

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