Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts To Staying Healthy This Winter: 1. Don’t stop working out if you feel under the weather.

By Dr. Sharon Gurm

1. Don’t stop working out if you feel under the weather.

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you start to feel run down, keep exercising! You may want to scale back on the intensity and duration of your workout, but don’t stop exercising unless you have a fever, feel dizzy, short of breath or feel too weak to even do a light walk. Especially at the first sign of a cold (a stuffy nose, pain or irritation in your throat), doing a short, high-intensity workout can actually boost your immune system and speed up recovery. Research has shown that exercise raises the levels of certain hormones and chemical messengers that help support natural killer cell activity (white blood cells that attack foreign invaders and cancer cells) and enhance phagocytosis (the process by which white blood cells engulf infectious agents).

In addition, raising your heart rate and body temperature increases blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to relieve congestion in your head and supporting your immune system to do its part in getting rid of infectious cells though the lymphatics and spleen. When you break a sweat, you produce a natural fever, expediting your body’s ability to kill the illness-causing bacteria and/or viruses. If you feel short of breath, rather than exercise you can achieve the same sweat and circulatory benefit from our NovoTHOR® Red Light Therapy treatment. So keep moving – you’ll feel better and kick that cold in the butt!

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