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What Exactly is Curcumin?

Curcumin or tumeric is a widely used spice around the world but especially in south asian cultures.  It is mainly used in curries for it’s pungent flavour and vibrant color.  People have used this spice for many years for adding flavour to their food but they also have used it for its amazing healing properties.

Curcumin is a greatly inflammatory substance that helps to reduce any inflammation going on in the body.  It is also full of antioxidants which help the body to neutralize free radicals and fight off harmful diseases and reduces oxidative stress.  Curcumin or tumeric is also high in iron which is needed to build red blood cells, aids in muscle growth and maintain overall energy in the body.  Curcumin also is high in fiber which aids in maintaining proper digestion which then aids in the detoxification of waste and harmful toxins from the body.

These are just a few of the amazing qualities of tumeric or curcimin.  A small spice that packs a big punch in flavor and in health benefits!

Health Benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory protection
  • Promotes joint health, can help rheumatoid arthritis, reducing joint swelling, and stiffness
  • Enhances the liver detoxification of nutritive substances
  • Inhibits the formation of some cancer causing chemicals in the body
  • Promotes heart health, by reducing Cholesterol in the blood.
  • Also a concentrated source of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, iron and manganese

Ways to enjoy Tumeric

  • Add it to your daily salad dressing to increase nutritional value and give it a lovely yellow colour.
  • Mix brown rice with raisins, cashews and season with tumeric for a great side dish.  You can finish with fresh cilantro for an added flavour burst
  • Add to all your curries and marinades, the flavour is mild but is very complementary to all vegetable and poultry, fish and meat dishes.
  • Add it to your lentil dishes for a new exciting flavour experience
  • Roast cauliflower is wonderful finished with tumeric and gives the dish a wonderful hue.
  • Add into your tofu or egg scramble for a nutritional boost first thing in the morning (recipe below)
  • Add to your soups and stews for a balanced flavour, colour and added nutritional value
  • Add to your homemade pickles, relishes and chutney’s

The Challenge

For the next seven days – try to incorporate tumeric into your daily diet. Try new recipes.  Use tumeric on salad, in dressing or with breakfast.  The lists are seriously endless!

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