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Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna therapy works by emitting a wavelength of red spectrum waves (far infra red rays or FIR) which are beneficial to the human body. Their safety is undisputed – even doctors in hospitals use them to warm newborn babies. FIR are naturally occurring light waves that we receive from the beneficial portion of sunlight. However infrared rays are the safer, penetrate into your skin deeply and dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body as well as vitalizing your cells and metabolism.


Unlike other saunas, infrared saunas operate a temperature of 90-145 F compared to a traditional sauna that operates at 185-230 F and without water or additional humidity.

The lower, yet more concentrated temperature, increases the body’s temperature internally and more quickly than merely sitting in a hot environment, coupled with the far infra red wavelength of light that is emitted, creates a comfortable environment so you can breathe easily at longer durations, helping the body’s thermal system detoxify and allowing you to experience potential deep therapeutic healing benefits (listed below) of far infrared sauna technology.


  • Detoxification (3.7.8)
  • Assists in fat loss and achieving optimal body composition [10]
  • Helps to promote heart health (3.7.1) [34]
  • Enhances mood and helps to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) (3.7.4) [52]
  • Helps to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep (1) [10]
  • Helps to provide chronic joint and muscle pain relief and helps to speed up injury recovery (3.7.2 & 3.7.3) [51], [53]
  • Helps to promote a healthy immune system (1) [4]

There is considerable evidence to suggest that sauna bathing can induce profound physiological effects [4]. Intense short-term heat exposure elevates skin temperature and core body temperature and activates thermoregulatory pathways via the hypothalamus [18] and CNS (central nervous system) leading to activation of the autonomic nervous system. The activation of the sympathetic nervous system, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal hormonal axis, and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system leads to well-documented cardiovascular effects with increased heart rate, skin blood flow, cardiac output, and sweating [1]. The resultant sweat evaporates from the skin surface and produces cooling that facilitates temperature homeostasis. In essence, sauna therapy capitalises on the thermoregulatory trait of homeothermy, the physiological capability of mammals and birds to maintain a relatively constant core body temperature with minimal deviation from a set point [19].

Take the plunge!
Take the plunge with a cold shower after your session, this immersion into the cold water after your sauna is said to help improve blood flow and speed up recovery from muscle damage, aches and pains. It is also said to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin due to increased blood flow.


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