Neurotransmitter Testing

Have you ever wondered why you experience different mood swings? Why your energy is low and you never seem to get enough sleep? Maybe you can’t control your appetite and your metabolism seems off balance?

For optimal function, your body depends on a unique balance of neurotransmitters and hormones. For years we have had access to salivary hormone testing to accurately assess the levels of reproductive and adrenal hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol). Now, in addition to hormone testing, we have a method of assessing, monitoring and diagnosing neurotransmitter imbalance – the ‘brain chemicals’ that are largely responsible for mood balance, sleep, energy metabolism, mental functioning, appetite control and many other vital functions in the body.

Often times, the imbalance can be addressed using natural supplements without drug therapy. In some cases, natural treatments are used in conjunction with the appropriate drug therapy. Once neurotransmitter and hormone balance is achieved, lifestyle changes (such as diet and exercise) can be implemented with more ease and other therapies (such as counselling) become far more effective. Once ‘brain balance’ is restored, quality of life improves dramatically. Without it, optimal health cannot be achieved. No matter what your age – young or old – there is no need to suffer when there is a permanent solution available.

A variety of symptoms can arise when there is an imbalance with our neurotransmitters. Call today to book your appointment with Dr. Gurm to discuss if neurotransmitter and/or hormone testing is right for you. 604-949-0077.

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